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good day boating

Posted by Ron on November 13, 2010 at 7:10 PM

Another good day at the lake. Will (my stepson) wanted to go out; we generally float on Saturday mornings and Sunday after church. We took two radios (receivers) and four boats -- the Nirvana didn’t get wet, the St. Elme with one speed and one direction, the new salvage boat, and my 15” star.

We put the star out in a light breeze (over stated) she made her way through the pine needle rafts to the middle of the lake barely in time to be-calmed. So we sent out the salvage boat to run out the low batteries. Meanwhile the star drifted to the south side of the lake in the heavy rafts. We tried for a while to get her free and back out but the wind was just too light. So we decided to send out a tow. We replaced the batteries and sent the salvage boat, with its boom and hook. She tried go get a grasp on the forestay to no avail, so I brought her back through the rafts fouling her prop then adjusting the boom to one side for another attempt. One the way out, the star picked up a breeze and I tried to pull her out. Ha-ha. This took my attention off the tow long enough to send her through a large raft. She got out about two feet only to stall.

Now we have two boats dead in the water and all the receivers adrift. The breeze started to come around a little and with patience and perseverance we got the star out in the open water. This was the turning point, but do I take her to the clear water on the other side or bring her through the rafts to me?

The wind picked up a little and I turned and ran for port. Two light gusts and I was on the shore.

I set up St. Elme and sent her out, knowing she would foul in the pine straw as well.

After three attempts, having to return to clear the prop twice, I was able to snag the tow hook with the antenna and a work light mid way down the side. The tow boom is mounted just aft of center. This caused a bit of concern. With the one speed on the St. Elme it made it a little nerve racking. But, she was a trooper and pulled as best she could, fouling just short of shore. A stick and muddy shoes were enough to get them both out.

It's nice to have a challenge once in a while.

A good day at the lake!

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Reply John
10:10 PM on November 19, 2010 
Wow! You showed a great deal of patience and perseverance. A good example to the young fellow. I hope for a little more action (of the passive variety) on the lake tomorrow. Just a note: the EC-12 reaches up and claims even the smallest of breezes, and moves nicely through shallow water and pine needles. Besides, I am still looking to call the EC-12 a fleet in the Central Alabama RC. The AMYA frowns upon that with only one boat out....
Reply Jared Smith
8:59 PM on November 13, 2010 
Sounds like fun !!!!